Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Home Series- Guest Room

This is where you would sleep if you came to visit me. Truth be told it has not always been a guest room. When we designed and built our home, this was my husbands office. After our kids were born, he needed a new space away from the playroom and I needed a new bedroom for my guests.

Since the room is small, I chose an open headboard and foot board for the bed. This gives the illusion that the space is bigger then it really is. Bed is from Ikea. Bedding is from Laura Ashley Collection.
     The color on the wall is Behr's Creamy Mushroom. I used a 2 to 1(water/ paint) to achieve a more washed ,translucent look.

A good book before you turn the lights out. Lampshade is from
Top That Top That.

Although the room lacks space, it certainly makes up for it in charm. I am confident that you will have a great night's sleep if you are a guest in this room.
              Sweet Dreams!

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With three sides of windows in this room, it was difficult to get the "right" shots and correct lighting, therefore you will see variations in the images.


PB Designs said...

I love this room! Inviting and cozy.

Morning T said...

So when can I come visit?

Laura from Top This Top That said...

Thanks PB and Morning T- next time you are in Atlanta- I will get the room ready!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up for a visit. The guest room is charming and I love the finish on the walls. Of course the lampshade steals the show.

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Wendy

Robin and Pam said...

Gorgeous! Oh how I wish we lived near Ikea.

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

That's it. I'm comin' over. I'd love to sleep in that room with the cute windows and adorable lampshade. I'll be there in about 18 hours. :)

nannykim said...

I like this better than your own bedroom--Love those windows! Love the bedding!!

Miss Charming said...

Love this! Such a beautiful and charming room.

srpprcrftr said...

I am new tonight to your blog and am thoroughly enjoying house visiting. Altho I think I am disgustingly jealous of your gorgeous home I'll try to be happy still in our little abode. We live in CO out in the country close to UT border.
We have a single wide mobile home that I'm still waiting for rooms to be painted in (since 2006). Think it's going to be this Spring or my hubs is gonna be in the big dog house. We downsized when we moved here from KY and while I like not having so much to clean at this point in life I still hanker after a gorgeous home.
I am going to tackle that awesome burlap wreath and a few other of your wonderful projects. Keep 'em coming ok?

Stacey said...

That is one adorable room. The windows and soft colors are so inviting.

Homa Style said...

Awww! can I come over? You did a stunning job.

carol jane said...

Love the bedroom. Beautiful! Love the bed to. Does it come in white, and have you been happy with it?

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