by laura janning

Weekly Wow's

May 13, 2012

Today I wanted to share the WOW mothers in my life. 
My mom and my sisters.
L-R My twin sister Lisa, My Mom, My Sister Brenda and Me on a girls weekend trip to New York City.
They are a perfect combination of how I would define motherhood. They are patient, caring, loyal, kind and compassionate. They are just pure love.
 This was our last  trip to Charleston, S.Carolina. We just love to get together for our "No Boys Allowed Trip" every year.
 My sister-in-law is second from left. I included her in my Weekly Wow's for putting up with my brother!! :) Wow sister-in law.
I miss them and wish we could be together today ( they live in S.Florida)  so I can give them big hugs and tell them in person how much I love them, appreciate them  and the mothers that they are.
Happy Mothers Day!


  1. Beautiful pictures....lucky you! you are so blessed to have each other!

  2. Laura, your pictures shared were lovely. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  3. Laura... I have commented before and am giggling at your post bc of our similarities!!!. You have a twin sister named Lisa!
    So do I. But my mom named me Laurie. But I'm sure you know that people always mixed your names up and wonder if you've been called Lora, Laurie, Lori, Lauren, etc. I posted a while back "on being a twin". Enjoyed your post.


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