Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekly Wow's

Happy Weekend! 
Do you smell fall in the air?
Is there a hint of color changing on the leaves where you live? 
Do you notice the days getting shorter and a bit chiller? 
Inspiration certainly hasn't chilled out as shown in my wow's this week.
Leisure Living transformed this beautiful piece and surprises us with a pop of color
Better Organized Living shares a tutorial for this pretty little leaf bowl
Pentimento Studio shares her faux marble treatment. Hard to tell it's not the real thing.
And I just couldn't resist this last one. How fun is this from Dragonflys and Stars!
Got big plans for the weekend? Make it the best ever!


  1. Still waiting and wishing for fall around here. Happy weekend to you too Laura!

  2. The marble does look like the real thing very well done.

  3. No big plans around here! Love the broom parking!

  4. Great features. Love the marble top and the brooms are too funny.

  5. Oh my, now I remember where I parked my broom ;) and that leaf bowl blows me away!
    I want these days to last longer, but I'm enjoying the chill :)

  6. Oh, and these are blogs I've never heard of. I can go visit.

  7. Love the brooms! Have a great weekend!

  8. I love them all, but have to say the broom parking is my favorite :)

  9. Oh, I have plans to park my broom at Dragonflys and Stars ...


    Hope you have a fabulous one!

    Your friend, Linda

  10. I love that buffett!!!I hope you had a great weekend!!!

  11. I love the color buffett.
    I hope had a great weekend

  12. Broom parking!!! LOL love it. This weekend I am packing for vacation. Yippee!!!

  13. You have an interesting selection of brooms. Never have to walk anywhere!


  14. Hope you're enjoying this beautiful weekend, Laura! Love the broom parking!!
    xo heidi

  15. Our days are definitely getting shorter and I do miss the longer hours of daylight, but I so love the chill in the the broom parking!

  16. I love this weekly feature you have...great features from the leaf bowl to that marvelous faux marble treatment....Hope you had a great weekend...I was in Florida enjoying the fantastic weather!!


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