Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh Burlap Tree, Oh Burlap Tree.....

Did you know that some sources claim that the first Christmas Tree in America was put up in Connecticut in 1777?
The National Christmas Tree has been lit every year since 1923 at the White House. 

1847 was the beginning of the decorated tree tradition and the candy cane's that you would see on trees were all white.

 The original purpose of a tree skirt was not just to look pretty, it was to catch dripping wax from candle lights that were used on Christmas trees before electric lights were introduced.
 The first aluminum tree was introduced into the market in 1958.  Although very popular until the mid 60's, it was made from flammable foil.

I often wonder how burlap trees will be written into our history,
or how they would look decorated with a few icicles or angel hair on it? 
Remember decorating with that stuff?
For tutorials on each of these trees click here, here, and here
To be participating in the "Reindeer Run" this weekend with the family.

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  1. Oh how I love burlap! I can't wait to see your trees.

  2. Laura I LOVE anything burlap! Your trees are ADORABLE!!

  3. Loving all that burlap goodness. Now I may have an idea what to do with the yards of burlap I have.

  4. so cute! that last little flippy one is my fave!

  5. Love the trees cant wait to see your mantle!

  6. Gorgeous burlap trees! Looking forward to seeing how you put them together and seeing your holiday mantle. I love all of the tree trivia you have shared. Have a great weekend!

  7. The only thing better than a burlap tree is a burlap tree extravaganza :)

    I love this post!


  8. I didn't know all those facts, Laura. I have not seen icicles or angel hair in years in the stores. I suppose they are in some specialty Christmas shops. xo Diana

  9. Your tree is darling and I'm looking forward to seeing how you did it. Doesn't it just scare the bejesus out of you that people put candles on their trees??...and lit them!! Crazy.

  10. What a beautiful forest of burlap trees...all so beautiful...and BTW, squirrels do not nest in burlap trees! :)....Anxiously waiting for your mantel reveal.

  11. Thanks for all that Christmas tree lore! Love the burlap trees ...



  12. I love love love burlap and your tree is perfect!!!!

  13. You made those? I love them!

  14. You really know your way around a roll of burlap!! Every single one is amazing! And flammable foil trees - thank goodness for fire codes!

  15. These trees are adorable! Can't wait to read the tutorial and make some myself! Thanks.

  16. I LOVE these! Mind sharing what you used underneath? Also love the facts about the Christmas Tree history, I will have to share those with my kids :)


  17. I'm wild about burlap, and wild about little trees! I pinned your luscious folded burlap one onto my Tabletop Trees Board at Pinterest. Thanks.

  18. Love these and I have some left over burlap from the now sew tree skirt, the ice skater and what else I just finished....great ideas thank you..from one burlap crazy to another

  19. Great burlapy ideas for trees.

  20. just so gorgeous Laura....hugs xo Lu

  21. I love your burlap trees! Too cute! I found you at Centsational Girl's holiday linky. Have a great weekend!
    House on the Way

  22. So pretty! I'd love for you to share this or any of your great ideas at the link party going on now (and every Saturday - Tuesday) at 'Or so she says ...' Hope to see you there!

  23. I love that they are all different! Same fabric, different twist with each one, love them! And I only have 9 kids ... so what time is dinner? :)


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