by laura janning

Weekly Wow's

September 30, 2012

Thanks for stopping by for another installment of the random awesomeness that caught my eye this week.
Talk about a curbside rescue! You don't want to miss all the details and the before over at Art is Beauty .
What a great way to recycle an old drawer! Check out this DIY Message Center from Plum Doodles.  How Clever!
A beautiful, yet simple mantel with baskets from the lovely Lucy at Craftberry Bush.
I am just  loving these "Boo"buckets from Clever Pink Pirate that were made out of a soup container. So cute!
Have I filled you with enough inpsiration to start a new project, or finish an old one?
Have a good Sunday!

The Saga Continues.....

September 29, 2012

On October 12th.
Sorry for the dramatic cliffhanger the other day here, but you didn't think I was gonna spill the goods about whether or not 
"Mr" Rust Protector steals the heart of one beautiful outdoor couch now, did you?
Speaking of drama- how about The Housewives of New Jersey season finale show this week ( I love those Jersey chicks), Private Practice and the fact that poor Pete is gone. I did not expect that. And the cliffhanger played out this week on Grey's Anatomy and that Dr.McSteamy died in the crash. Although not really a shocker since it was announced in July.
And while you are waiting for the Fall In Love With Spray Paint Party on October 12th ( party opens at 6:00am central),  I wanted to share a few inspiration projects from our Fall In Love With Spray Paint Pinterest Boardto help you get started with your own project.
The first one is from Linda ( co-host of the Party) at It All Started With Paint. She used Krylons Chalkboard Paint to create a masterpiece. Brilliant!
How about stenciling some pillows with Spray Paint like Vanessa Christenson did.
And  The Broke Ass Bride shows us how spraying some leaves gold makes such a statement and beautiful centerpiece.
You can check out these inspiring projects and many more on our Fall In Love With Spray Paint Pinterest Board. 
Remember the party is October 12th and opens at 6:00 am central. All fall inspired spray paint projects are welcomed to link up and there will even be a few opportunities for features and prizes for those projects that feature Krylon products.
So whether you are in front of your DVR watching Private Practice or spray painting something awesome this weekend- I hope it's a great one! 

Easy Fall Decor

September 27, 2012

I love quick and easy decor, especially projects that "Fall" into place and turn out surprisingly festive without even trying.

This arrangement fits that category, in fact I whipped it up between cleaning the kitchen and walking the dogs.
An arrangement mixed with faux fall picks, feathers, natural cat tails,wheat and leaves.

If you have time between your chores, here's how to make this fall arrangement.
Take your floral foam and put your wheat in the center.This gives your arrangement height. I wrapped my wheat with wire so that it stays bunched together.
Next add your feathers and cat tails. Look out for those cat tails though, If they break open watch out. You will have thousands of little white fuzz floating around all day!
Fill in the bottom of the arrangement with your fall picks. Make sure to cover any gaps/holes in the arrangements.
Place the arrangement in a container. For added texture and color, I placed a piece of burlap and brown felt at the base of my arrangement.
Not bad for quick and easy, ugh?
Gotta go. Working on another project between doing some laundry and cleaning the windows!
Do you have any quick and easy Fall Decor tips?

PS- Don't forget to follow me on Facebook here for more Fall Inspiration 

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Fall In love with Spray Paint

September 25, 2012

Note: If you enjoy a good love story full of suspense and loads of drama then you will really enjoy today's post, if not may I suggest you start today with this saga!

If you follow my blog you know that I have a whirlwind romance with spray paint, and when I met Krylon's "Mr" Rust Protector I was head over heels in Paint!   
Trying as long as I could to play hard to get, I had to ask myself was this paint really going to meet my expectations? 
 I am a catch you know. 
I want it all ......smooth finish, no priming, perfect color and to be treated like a lady piece of furniture should. 
Could Mr.Rust Protector cover my sleek lines and the serious neglect of aging because of being in someones backyard for many years unnoticed?
 Could it handle my rounded curves and appreciate me for the glamours cooper like piece of furniture that I can be, and not some has-been that's ready for the scrap yard?
Wanna know how the story ends? 
Do you think they sit happily ever after?
Do you think there's someone else?
Well, then you will need to come back on October 12th where I share how this story ends and co-host a Fall In Love With Spray Paint Link Party
My other talented co-hosts for the event are:
Karianne at Thistlewood Farm
Thumbnail.Garden_Gate_Mantel (2)
Laura at Finding Home
Thumbnail.Fall In Love Spray Paint Project Preview 2 (2)
Linda at It All Started With Paint
Stop by and take a peek at the projects they are working on for the party! 

I have been sponsored by Krylon Paint Brand for this post but the old rusty couch and opinions I express are my own.

Tiger Pumpkins

September 24, 2012

I don't know, perhaps I am not mainstream pumpkin enough.

I mean, shame on me for thinking most pumpkins were naturally either solid orange or solid white.
But who would have thought you could have the best of both colors in one pumpkin.
and that they would call it a Tiger Pumpkin
 and that I would place them on my kitchen mantel so I can constantly look at them and wonder what the Pumpkin Masters will come up with next. 
Are Tiger Pumpkins in your Fall Decor?
For more of my Fall Decor click here.
PS- As I researched these little guys that I had never seen before this weekend, I found a great tutorial on how to grow your own Tiger Pumpkins for next season here

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Weekly Wow's

September 22, 2012

Sharing my fall table this week here, had me witnessing some pretty spectacular tables around. So, I  am making a detour today from my usual awesome random projects that I find, to focus on some incredible random tablescapes.

Be Book Bound creates a beautiful setting in the Orchard.
Finding Home Online shares her elegantly spooky table. Boo! I love this!
Queen Bee luncheon from Celebrating Everyday Life is beyond incredible and she highlights her wonderful use of stencils in her table design.
Diapers and Divas provides a table fit for Snow White. Amazing!
Celebrations at home shares a delightful rustic table and some great tips for entertaining
Regardless of what you table looks like, I hope your sitting around it with the one's you love. See you next week for more of my Fall  projects.
Have a great weekend.

Fall Decor for the Side Door

September 20, 2012

 I love the Fall Season and want you to know that before you knock on my door and I answer. 
Typically it's all about decorating my front doors but since most of the house traffic comes to this door, I thought a little autumn love was in order.

  My yellow mums in bronze planters wait on the step with a message for my guests.
My Burlap wreath is hanging out this season over on this door. I have added a cooper letter and some fall embellishments. I hope nobody snatches the cooper letter, after all it is only spray painted but we won't tell the cooper thieves.

 A sweet burlap pillow adorned with the same flower that is on the wreath is on my chair, so I am comfy waiting for you to come down the driveway to visit. By the way, how long were you staying again?
 And a planter filled with autumn leaves and a pumpkin sit on top of a little orange stool.
 All obvious signs that Fall is here. Except there are no real pumpkins for 500 miles around. Where are you Mr. Pumpkin?
Welcome! For more fall inspiration click here.

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