Saturday, January 05, 2013

Weekly Wow's

If the kids weren't going back to school on Monday, I would have absolutely no idea what day it is. I missed garbage pick up this week, a dentist appointment for the kids and showed up at a friends house a day early for a chat fest. What a wonderful 2 1/2 weeks it has been with the kids home on school break, Christmas and New Years.
Perhaps I am in denial that Christmas is official over and  have been looking at this mess since I took everything down 10 days ago.
And although I have holiday decorations scattered all over the Living Room floor, out the door and down the street, I still managed some time to find some incredible projects to inspire us all. Sadly, I know what I will be doing this weekend but perhaps you will have some time to tackle one or two projects of your own.

Imageremix   finds the perfect way to restore an old bedside table using maps.

Celebrate Creativity shares an informative and easy tutorial (even for you without a green thumb) on growing Paper-whites inside for gorgeous winter white color.

Hymns and Verses Ballard Inspired Clock for just $15.00. This is one of the best clock knockoff's I have seen.

Love Grows Wild shares her monogram art work using washers. Love this! I  hope my hubby won't mind if I raid his tool shop on my quest to look for some washers.

Make it a great weekend!
Grateful for~
 A loving husband who is tired of the decorations just laying on the floor and has offered to help put them away with me! 
I wonder if that will work with the laundry too.


ImSoVintage said...

I think my week is going to be like yours. Cleaning up and putting away all the Christmas decorations.

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

I look forward to your weekly wows! So inspiring! I got my decorations all put away..grateful for that! I missed trash day twice over the holidays...can you imagine?!! Grateful for some semblance of normalcy in my life as well!

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

Luckily we didn't forget garbage day...this time! I smiled when your post popped up because you made me feel a little bit better about the decorations I have laying in a guest room upstairs waiting for me to put away. Thank you for that! Also, Thank you for visiting my blog and telling me how to get motivated. I finished the littlest project left to complete yesterday. Stop by and check out my post about it. I'd love to have you see it! Now I'm off to check out some of your Wow's!

Diane said...

Visiting from "I'm So Vintage." And I know what you mean about not knowing what day it is with the kids home!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love that artwork and I should make my own clock instead of buying them all the time. Have a thing for clocks.

Doreen @ Hymns and Verses said...


Thanks so much for sharing my clock! Don't feel bad about your Christmas decor either, I just tackled mine last night! Now it's time to clean! Monday we will start fresh - right!?! Let's hope!

Ellie VanCaster said...

Just popped over from I'm so vintage-you have a wonderful blog so I'd best sign up to follow so I can get to a couple tutorials that interest me.
Have a good weekend.

Art and Sand said...

I love the the F piece. I think I might try something like it, but with random bits instead of all washers. Thanks for the inspiration.

~ Liz ~ said...

Hi Laura, so sweet of you to feature my map covered beside table. Thank you! I've got all my decorations down and put away except for the lights on the tree. Can't take the tree to the road until Monday so the glow remains until Sunday night. Glad you found a willing worker for getting your decorations put away. Nicely done.

NanaDiana said...

Hi Laura-There are some great features here. You do a nice job hosting. Let me know if that works to have your hubby help with the laundry- I may bring the rest of my Christmas stuff and let it sit until my hubby gets tired of it---which may happen around August!;>) xo Diana

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Great "wows"...the "cold bug" finally caught no projects or Christmas "tear downs" this week....Glad you had a wonderful holiday break with the kids!!

Our Pinteresting Family said...

So many great ideas here! I really love the clock. :)

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Lol -- I'm scattered, smothered, and covered myself! Back to work on Monday for me... ugh. I could use another week with my own kids in school and an empty house. :)
xo heidi

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

WOW and let me know if it works with the laundry!!!! lol!!! hugs...

thistlewoodfarm said...

Love all the Wow's Laura....especially that washer art!

Happy Day to you!

Liz Fourez said...

Hi Laura! Thanks so much for featuring my Washer Monogram Canvas! So happy to find a new wonderful blog!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend : )
Love Always,

Bella Michelle said...

Mine go back on Monday as well (well at least the younger ones daughter heads back to Georgia Southern next Monday) and I am reallk ready to get in the routine! I love having them home but it is time!

Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration!

Sharon @ mrshinesclass said...

My decorations are still on the floor and the tree is still up!

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