Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekly Wow's

Welcome to the first Weekly Wow of the New Year. I have missed sharing some amazing inspiration and my Fridays with you!

Chilly weather across the country has been interesting to say the least.  As prepared as you think you might be for "colder" weather, nothing can prepare you to waking up with temps close to 0 in the south....and frozen water pipes! Yikes. My new mantra "We live, we learn, we insulate exposed pipes that connect to your well". Temps here in Northeast Georgia back in the 50-60's this weekend. I hope you are safe and warm where you are.

Obsessed with this pantry makeover from DIY Showoff

My next get together appetizer from here

Love this no sew button pillow from StoneGable

With valentines day around this cute is this garland idea?

unknown source

And something to keep in mind as we kick off this new year, especially if you are faced with struggles or feeling defeated.

 I hope you will join me back here on Monday where I will be joining the lineup of some fabulous bloggers for a Creating a Cozy Home party.

Got any big plans for the weekend? Whether you do or not.....make it amazing!

Grateful for~
Gods work to heal broken hearts

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  1. Not a lot of blog reading happening with the new house and all, but glad to see Weekly Wows back up and running. I could certainly use new inspiration now! Thanks Laura!

  2. These are all great ideas. I love the pillow. I am so glad that the freezing temps are over for a few days. Highs around 50 will be very welcome this weekend. xo Laura

  3. Laura, great Wow. I have to try those brie bites. Glad it is warming up for those in the south. Warming this weekend in NJ, then I am sure it will get cold again but that is winter here.


  4. Love your blog! Please make correction to: "Grateful for~gods work to heal broken hearts" God should ALWAYS be capitalized. Should read: "Grateful for God's work to heal broken hearts." Hope you don't mind this comment - no disrespect intended. Thank you.

  5. Okay...this is my first time leaving a comment although I have been a subscriber for a while now. I love the ease of having your posts delivered to my inbox but it has made me lazy when it comes to commenting. Being a fellow blogger..I consider that a cardinal sin. lol! I am trying to right my wrong. I LOVE your blog and can offer proof. This is the first time I have EVER pinned every single from someone's post. Thanks for the consistent and incredible inspiration!

  6. Hi Laura,
    I loved seeing those blackberry bites originally so thanks for the reminder! Wish we were closer, we could enjoy them together. I love the print and your scripture ~ perfect for this year! I am determined that it's going to be better for all of us!


  7. Great wows…and love Yvonne's great pillow creations!!


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