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March 8, 2014

Nothing could have prepared me for the week that my household has had. Not even this....

Little did I know that my household would have a similar 'Royal Carribean' cruise experience .....just on a smaller scale and not on the water, called Rotavirus. It actually got it's start last week with my little girl for 2 days, and then decided to attack the rest of the family starting on Monday with the boys and dad, and following up with me on Wednesday. I am sorry, you can spray your household products, open the windows and not touch each other, but once it's present.... at least 2 days in bed. My house anyways.
To see more info and prevention tips click here.

So, I managed to get on the computer on day 3 while on the couch and spotted some amazing inspiration that made even a sick gal smile.....hope you to.

Campbell soup can...really? Amazing!

Seriously cool for the outdoor patio. 

Update- After I published this,  a sweet reader ( thank you)  sent me a link to more details about constructing that cool solar lamp here 

Real simple and pretty way to display spring flowers from here

or a perfect alternative to the real thing from here

Incredible shot of nature, nurture and photography

source tumblr

So, what tricks do you have for keeping the crud out of your house?
I hope you have an amazing weekend. Sick free of course!

PS- to see more of my weekly wow's click here

Grateful ~
That my BFF's mom made it through surgery successfully

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  1. Luckily, we rarely get the crud here. I think years of being exposed to every rhinovirus on the planet (via my students) has caused me to have GREAT immunity! The last time I was really sick was about 7 years ago. Of course, that was one of those 104 degree fever, delirious, almost-call-an-ambulance illnesses.

  2. Apparently my current trick is just cover everything with 15 gallons of primer. I'm so sorry you caught that bug too. Ugh! As always, love your finds and I am so making that cool solar lamp!

  3. Hope you're all feeling better now. Soup cans? Who'd a thought! LOL! The outdoor lamp was so intriguing, I did some hunting and found a link to what may be the first (or second) of many... Love the picture of the birds!! Cute. ♥

  4. I guess by keeping you out of my house and by keeping my son and his family out maybe we will be safe. :)
    Hope y'all are all feeling peppy this fine weekend!

  5. That lamp is way cool, the bird photo too, and the crud sucks, glad you are on the mend.

  6. Oh those little birdies are so cute!!...Love everything, but the tulips in the wire container truly had me at hello!!!...Have a great weekend and glad that nasty virus is out of the house!!!

  7.!!!!!!!! I HATE a stomach virus. There really is nothing worse. I'm so sorry that you and your whole family have dealt with that. Especially during all your reno work! I have a cold, but nothing serious. Hope you are all on the mend now. Love the inspiration photos you shared. That bird picture is pretty awesome!

  8. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Oh my! So sorry to hear that your family has been so sick.
    I hope you're all on the upswing!
    Your "wow" photos are beautiful! So happy you shared them with us.
    Have a relaxing weekend,

  9. Oh my gosh, I hope you're feeling better! I'm working on a cold after having had the flu TWICE this year -- all from my class! it's enough to make me want to retire from teaching!
    Great wows this week, friend!
    xo Heidi
    PS -- are you going to Haven this year?

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  11. I can answer the question about the outdoor solar lamp! I follow a great shop in Indianapolis, and one of the gals who works there writes for Houzz, which is where the original tutorial for the solar lamp was posted. Her name is Shelly Leer, and her shop is called Mod Home Ec. They do amazing upholstery classes and the like. Anyway, she is the one who did this lamp!! Here's a link to her page on their site:

  12. So glad you're feeling better, my friend! And thanks for sharing such amazing inspiration!

    :) Linda

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