Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekly Wows....Summer Break Kick Off

Well, we made it through the first week of summer vacation...... and without any major incident. The kids are still trying to find their groove, and the idea of sleeping in still hasn't set in, but I am hoping that will kick in any day, just like their love for pizza ... and each other.

Here's a few things that I spotted this week, that I thought you should see.

Painted leather chair from Beneath My Heart. Love this. Have you ever tried painting leather before?

Run, don't walk. I hear that Home Goods has these at a very reasonable price. 

Super cute holiday stemware. Tutorial here. I think the above would look cute with this painted treatment as well.

Don't throw out the kids toy horses just yet. 

Looks absolutely delish from here.

 Got any plans for the long weekend? We are hosting a camp out on the property with some friends....can't decide between the sleeping bag, my bed... or recently transformed craft room.
Have a fabulous weekend!

PS. Be sure to see my other Weekly Wow's here.

Grateful for~
Longer days, more giggles

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  1. I would sleep in the craft room for sure! Still can't believe your summer break has started! We still have weeks and finals and all end-of-year concerts and performances on our calendar here!

    :) Linda

  2. I love seeing pics of the kids Laura...and great wows!...Have made that ice cream sandwich cake for functions and it is always a hit!...Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!!

  3. Laura, WOW and YUMMY! I love your weekly wows... and those kiddos!

  4. Woohoo for summer!! Love that painted chair. :)

  5. Yay for summer! My kids don't end school til mid June! Enjoy!

  6. Had to get good look at your Weekly Wows, wow, love them and had to pin a few. Saw a little embroidery hoop summery wreath so went into craft room for flowers, sewing room for hoop and made one, hanging on our front door now. Been wanting to do something for door but nothing hit me right til I saw that. Love your blog.
    Are those your two cuties in front, are they twins? They sure look alike, so cute and loving to each other, boy not shrugging off her hand. How old are they? I sure miss my grand kids being younger, too busy for old folks like us now. Looks like everybody having a great time. Happy and fun weekend

  7. Glad to have a minute to pop over here and see what's new! A camp out sounds fun, but I'd be opting for my bed after everyone else turned in! LOL!

  8. LOVE your chair Laura! And congrats on surviving the first week of summer vacation. We survived our first week too. Have fun camping. I did that once. It rained and my tent didn't have a top. I learned that I'd rather sleep in my bed. With a roof over my head. Hopefully you'll have tent professionals camping with you :)


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