Friday, June 20, 2014

Weekly Wow's- bunting idea, home tour and more

Happy Friday friends. If you follow me on Instagram or facebook you may have seen this post this week
"I have decided that I will not clean the house until the kids go back to school...pointless."  

Well, I am on day 3 and so far cleaning. It is actually quite liberating and relaxing to see the house get "kidded up" and just sit back and watch. Ahhhh. I don't know exactly how long I can last, but I will enjoy it while I can.
Make sure to follow along to see my progress....and or my mess.
Here's a few things that caught my eye, while I was sitting around watching the house get destroyed this week.

I love this idea of using bandanas for bunting.

I want to do this in Lily's bedroom makeover

I love my white tees, so I am gonna try this 

How do your kids describe you? If you are a mom raising children...this one's  a must see. 

Beautiful home tour here

And I leave you this week with this.....

Have a great weekend doing what you love with people that you love....laughing!

grateful for~

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  1. What great features you have here today..I love that drawer embellishment...hmm, could be a project here too!! the bunting, so creative, love the aspirin tip and gotta hop over to that home amazing..
    Have a great weekend full of laughter..and I know in your household there is lots of it!!!

  2. Great quote and great round up links! I have to check out that house tour!

  3. I have also taken the road of not cleaning until the kids go back to school, because really - it is pointless. We'll see how long it lasts - maybe they'll get sick of it :) Ha!

  4. Great Friday Wows! Enjoy your time with your kids, that is the best and the most precious time. You can never get those moments back.


  5. The thought of the kids mess makes my underarms sweat. Thankfully you have a link for a tip.

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