Friday, July 11, 2014

Weekly Wow's- outdoor DYI cabana, bed idea, giant initial

Hope you had a great week. My sweet sweet children who haven't fought with each other, screamed at each other, spilled paint all over the garage, spilled red fruit punch on the floor and ate way to many snacks this summer, go back to school in 3 weeks, 2 hours 15 mins....but who's counting. Besides they are just so precious. 

Sometimes filling the summer calendar means including some lazy days to not do much, which is nice too, although those are the days that the above is more likely to occur.

Here's some amazing projects that I found this week.

Love this idea for beds from here

Isn't this the coolest thing ever. I am on a hunt for a 'J'. If you see one, let me know...please.

Source unknown

Looking for some shade? This may be the project for you this weekend. Details here.

Or..... you can do my version here.

I am attending the Haven Blogger Conference in Atlanta this weekend and super excited to learn and to catch up with some blogging buddies. 

Hope you have an amazing weekend. Have fun, be safe.

For a husband who is so supportive

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  1. Enjoy Haven! These projects have me wanting to leave my office and head outside.

  2. Love the projects and gotta try one or two! Have fun in Atlanta!

  3. Great projects! Had to laugh about the kiddos. Enjoy the conference.

  4. Your son is adorable, and his photo captures summer perfectly!

  5. AnonymousJuly 11, 2014

    Hi! I would like some info on the yellow canopy but every time I click on the link it goes to a commercial website. Am I doing something wrong? Love your blog, read it every time it pops up in my email. Thanks!

  6. Your son is so cute, he looks like he's enjoying his summer. Why does school have to start so early now, it's hotter than heck in August and school is in. What happened to starting after Labor Day? Our kids here (Grand Junction, CO area) start on Aug. 7th. a Thursday. They start that early in KY also (lived there few years ago). Went to look at calender, your kids start early also. What is it with that now? Heaven forbid parents who work couldn't take a vacation until Aug. In San Diego the summer weather is usually really starting about Aug/Sept. and it gets plenty hot inland.
    Ah long summer with 4 kids, luckily the youngest was too young to fuss at siblings when they were young. Had youngest when oldest was almost 10 already. The boys played sweetly together, wasn't til they were older, teens, that they started fighting. Very different personalities. Are your kids different in personalities, preferences? I find that so interesting that kids in same family can be very different in many ways.
    Have fun at Haven.

  7. What a huge Q. Cute little guy, kind of looks like my 9 year old. I hope you have a good time in Atlanta. Looking forward to hearing about it.

  8. Can't wait to hear about Haven and your little guy is adorable. You asked about the pillow from Ikea, it is a pillow cover complete with zipper and really great fabric. You should get one or two or more. Fantastic.


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