by laura janning

Weekly Wow's

August 29, 2014

Okay, shout with me Fri-Day, Fri- Day, Fri-Day!
Congrats, You made it through what I hope was a great, productive and happy week. Around here this week,  I am happy to report there was no loss of chicken life, an abundant amount of sunflowers peeking at me from the garden and my donkeys hee-hawing from the pasture. It's all good.

Speaking of which, here's some good ideas to get your creative mojo's in gear for the long weekend.

I love this idea of adding color behind the board from BHG

This concept is a bit too weird for me. Curious what you think.

I am afraid if I do this, my overnight guests may not want to leave!

Oh should see the after.  Gorgeous!

Does pinterest make you feel like this too? By the way, I really do love that bathroom.

Super cool light here ...... even if I can't understand the directions.

Have a super fantastic weekend.  We are chilling out and going tubing in the mountains.
I hope you will be doing something fun too!

3 day weekend

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  1. Oh I love that "board" .... glad you had a great week!...and don't take that cart away when I "come a calling!"
    Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend with your precious family!...

  2. Have a fabulous holiday weekend Laura!

  3. Very cool ideas! Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  4. Love the exposed beams in the that kitchen there and all the natural wood.

  5. Love your wows! Have a great weekend!

  6. That kitchen is so fun with the colored cabinets. Great wows! Have a fun weekend in the mountains!


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