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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How To Tile Like A Pro.....Your First Time

This wasn't exactly my first time.....tiling, but it was my first time to tile a back splash... although I did paint one here in my kitchen.
A few months back, I found this glass subway tile on clearance at Home Depot and decided to use it to make some updates to the laundry room.

I will share the laundry room updates later down the road, today it's all about giving you my 5 simple and easy tips for tiling like a professional....even if it's your first time.

Tip 1- Start with a clean even surface. It is very important that if you are tiling over drywall to make sure that your surface is even. When I removed the previous tile design that was above the sink, I applied dry wall plaster to make sure my surface was consistent and smooth. If you want your tiles to lay evenly and stay secure with your adhesive while on the wall, don't skimp this step thinking that it doesn't matter 'since tile is going over it anyways'. It does.

Tip 2- Start applying the tile in the corner and work your way over from there.
You want to begin applying your tile to the wall against the edge so that your tiles are even and straight ( assuming your walls are). This will make your project go along much easier and without the need to constantly use a level to confirm accuracy....although it's not a bad idea to spot check your lines as you apply your tile. You don't want wonky tile lines.

Tip 3- Use a big fluffy sponge and nothing else to smooth your grout joints. I have used a rag, my finger and a paper towel and trust me, it makes a difference. The idea behind using a sponge is to smooth out your applied grout. You don't want to apply too much pressure or you will remove more grout then you need to, causing you to reapply it... which means more work than necessary.

Tip 4- Use the right tools to get accurate measurements and
cuts. Use a pencil specifically designed for glass or tile to mark your cuts on your tile. These marks can be easily removed when you clean your tile. They wipe off with a dry cloth. Use a level or straight edge ruler so that your lines are straight when you cut and most importantly make sure your wet saw blade is sharp and not dull for the best precision and cut on your tile.

Tip 5 - Measure your area before you purchase your tile. If you are like me ( the anxious type)  and see a great deal on some tile and have no clue how much you need, buy more than you think you will use. You can always return the tile if you have excess. Since this tile was on clearance and such a great deal per sheet  ( less than the cost of a soda out of a machine), I didn't want to take any chances. And as it turned out......

I liked this so much I decided to do the other side of the laundry room underneath the cabinets, so I sent hubby back to get more. Luckily he got the last 6 sheets, which was exactly what I needed. 
Call it beginners luck...sorta.

How are your tiling skills?
Next week, as soon as I get some dirty clothes off the floor and into the washing machine, I will share what else I have done to the laundry room.

For the patience to do my least favorite household chore.....laundry

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Living Room

You should know....  I am not a very fancy person.... although once upon a time many years ago and certainly before kids, I may have been or pretended to be. In fact, I am the complete opposite of fancy. I can't remember the last time I put on a gown ..... my wedding? I have never pressed table or bed linens ....who's got time for that anyways and I prefer using whatever fork I pick up for my salad and main course...and it's usually the same one.

I prefer flip flops to heels and a pony tail over makeup....any day.
And when you live in the country, getting dressed up and being "fancy" is more like jeans, t-shirt and your best perfume. Besides, feeding your donkeys in heels would look, well.... just silly.

I bought this furniture for my last home about ~16 years ago. 
It worked...there.  It does its best to fit in, in this home  .... trying not to be so formal, you know jeans, t- shirt and ponytail type.

Truth is, if I had to build over, I don't think I would even consider having a living room or dining room. Unfortunately, we don't really use these spaces. Besides, I spend more time dusting the space then I do using it....and who's got time for that anyways.

But it is the first room that you see when you walk in the front door of my home, so I want it to be a sign of welcome and a place of comfort.

A space where you would want to sit and chat with me.......

Just leave your heels at the door. I got a pair of flip flops that you can borrow.

What's your preference, flip flops or worries if you choose the later, you are still welcome to come over. In fact, if you want to stay and see the rest of my home, click My Home Tour .

chance to catch up, shop and have lunch with my BFF over the weekend


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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to Hang Wall Paper like a Rock Star... 5 Simple Tips Before You Get Started

Of all my DIY projects that I have done....wallpapering has not been one of them.  I guess it always seemed so difficult and time consuming, besides the visions of stripping paper in tiny little pieces off the walls, was enough to tell me not to even begin..... until I saw this paper from here and fell in paper love.

I thought it was the perfect paper for my' little girl getting bigger' bedroom updates. If you saw a glimpse of her room here, I am here to tell you I am a believer that wall paper can truly transform your space.
And so for all you non-believers or one's sitting on the fence thinking about hanging paper, I have put together some very basic tips to help your wall paper journey....and make you a believer.

Tip #1
Make sure you have the right tools. Good thing is, you don't need a boat load of supplies to hang paper. I used a tape measure, utility knife with a sharp edge, applicator ( to smooth and get rid of air pockets) a sponge, ladder and.....

a bath tub, yes that's what I said, to successful move through this job. 

I realize this is such a non conventional method in the professional world of wall papering, but rather then using a pan to submerge my paper, I filled my bathtub with luke warm water and submerged my paper in the tub instead. Worked like a charm and one less thing I needed to buy.

Tip #2
Love the sample piece before moving on. Make sure the paper works and it's what you want for the room. This sample piece hung on the wall for seriously a good month before I decided to purchase the rolls needed to do this wall. Unlike paint, paper would be a bit more complicated and timely to remove and start over, if I wasn't happy or unsure with the decision.. 

Tip #3
Measure 3 times....just to be sure.  Get it right with your cuts, so that you don't have any waste or have to buy additional rolls to make up for your mistakes. This paper was $60.00 for a standard roll so mistakes were just not in the budget.

Tip #4
Pick a forgiving pattern. Chances are, if you stare long enough to spot my imperfections or seams, you will get dizzy from the pattern before you even spot them. For your first time out of the gate, choose an easier pattern to work with, a repeating pattern, and one that doesn't require such precision when applying to the wall.

Tip #5
Measure your project area before you order. Would you believe I ran out of paper at this point.....because I did not measure the wall before I ordered. Dumb, I know that's what your thinking. It's okay.... I know. Most sources provide a simple to use room calculator to measure the amount of paper you will need based on your room/wall dimensions......use it.

But seriously, if it turns out as pretty as it did in Lily's room and is this easy to apply, I am confident that a few more walls will get the paper treatment ..... sooner than later.

Got any wall paper hanging in your home? If not, what's stopping you?

That once I put the paper up, I loved it !

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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Keeping Room Changes

I never realized how painting the kitchen white, click here if you missed the reveal, would allow me to have so much fun infusing the space with all kinds of color.

I mean really, having my hot tea each morning reading my daily devotionals and surrounded by aqua blue and charteruse green just wasn't even in the plan....until I spotted this fun 
indoor /outdoor rug from here. Love. 

Truth is, this rug takes me out of my otherwise 'predictable' comfort zone. I think the hot pink rug that I put in the craft room here, gave me the gentle push to start having some fun with colorful rugs and pillows. More like who I think I am. Ha.

I bought these curtain panels from Ikea months ago for the breakfast room and thought I would continue the steady stream of aqua on the windows. Still working through if I want to have the long panels in this space or use the panels to have some shades made.
Speaking of Ikea, would you believe I purchased these chairs about ~20 years ago when I lived in Houston. They are as good as new, all these years later.

I picked up the fun green pillows from Hobby Lobby for less then what it cost me for lunch.  Ready for this.... $4.79. Seriously. 
The blue pillows came from World Market... for the cost of dinner.

My beloved yard sale find table that I first shared here a few years ago, got a couple of coats of Nimbus Grey, which is the same color as the kitchen Island. And the pretty hydrangeas, courtesy of my garden.

Who knows, maybe the vibe of this room will last as long as those IKEA chairs, or I will just move on to some new colors....... cause that's just what us fun and colorful gals do. 

What colors are you having fun with in your home these days?

I'll be taking a little break for the next few days to spend time with my family. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 
Happy 4th of July to all of my readers who will be celebrating our nations independence tomorrow. Be safe and have fun.
Talk to you next week!

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

June Highlights

Goodbye 85.8 degree temps, Hello 95.8 degrees....just like that. Welcome July.

Although we have some amazing things going on in July, it's not one of my fav's when it comes to the temperatures. Way too hot. When you walk from the house to the garage ( approximately 8 steps)  and sweat is already dripping from the forehead..... too hot.

Here's a few highlights from June, in case you missed any of it.

We are in the patriotic spirit around the house with my mantel here

and a fun tablescape here that I created out of .99 duct tape.

Enjoying my hot tea and cheerios here in our Summer breakfast room.

I am ready for you on the front porch here where I shared 5 tips every porch lover should have.

I turned an old plant stand and planter into a fun ice bucket. Perfect for those hot days outside.

and after a few long months, we finally finished the kitchen and revealed it here.

How was your month? Got any fun things planned....besides sweating?

For life's little surprises

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Weekly Wow's

Happy Friday! 
Was it a good week?
Did you work smart, play hard and love more? Hope so...I did.
Hard to believe the month is winding down. I am hoping that July goes at a snails pace since my kids go back to school the 1st of August. Nooooooooooo....Not yet!

Here's some amazing stuff to get your weekend started.

oh it. all the details here.

When's the last time you put one of these in your hair?

Great way to infuse color in a white kitchen...colorful plates on the wall. From BH&G

PB inspired mirror from The Everyday Home

Yes please. I get a tad bit excited every time I look at this space. The blues, the mix of patterns, the windows, the art piece, the accent chair. 


Can't wait to pick some blueberries this summer, to whip this up.

Pretty cool picture. Makes me wish we were still at the beach. sigh

source unknown

Have a wonderful weekend. Make sure to do something you love, surrounded by the people you love.

ice cream, splashing in the pool and giggles 

PS- to see more of my Weekly Wow series, click here

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